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Tam Coc Paragraph

What to do

What to do



Tam Coc Boats



In the Ninh Binh/Tam Coc area, there are two main spots that you can drift through the stunning landscape: Tam Coc central, and Trang An. Both spots are gorgeous but have differences. Tam Coc is really easy to access as its launch point is the centre point of the town. Payment is well set up and you do not have any issues with having to negotiate or be overcharged. Pricing is ... And a boat can take a maximum of 2 people. While the rowers are not supposed to ask for tips (as it details in the written rules) many will come after you or ask you to buy from the very overpriced vendor boats while on the water. The route takes about 2.5 hours and takes you through several caves before you explore the final one on foot. 



It is likely that when you get to Tam Coc and look at all the gorgeous mountain tops with rice fields surrounding them that you would love to see it from above (panorama). Luckily for us, there is one area that has been developed to offer that stunning overhead view- but be prepared to climb some pretty steep stairs! The Mua Caves are a series of caves in the valley that have become a popular spot to explore. Leading up from their mouths, are a few hundred stairs 

Mua Caves

that take you up to the top of two mountains. On one side, you have a small pagoda and views of the rice field valleys between you and Ninh Binh. While on the other top, you have a stunning view into a river valley with a backdrop of dozens of mountains. The spot has also become a hotspot for wedding photos, so dont be surprised to see a few couples decked out in wedding gear trying to climb the steps!




This unique Pagoda is one of the top attractions in Tam Coc. While it may not be the largest pagoda, oldest, or most important pagoda in the region, it is in one of the coolest locations. Tucked away in a series of caves connected by staircases hewn right out of the rock, these pagodas have amazing views of the surrounding valleys. The main pagoda was built in the 15th century along with the entrance gate and bridge that leads you across the stunning lotus pond. The pagoda is just a few KMs from Tam Coc so its easy to get to on a bicycle or motorbike but watch out for people overcharging you for parking. A bike should cost 10,000VND MAX but likely 5,000VND so ignore the higher prices and bargain hard.