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The 14-Day Quarantine After Arriving Home

This Week

As many know we had to return back to Canada early due to COVID-19. We are sad to have had to cut our time short but feel it is our best option with so much uncertainty. As a 14-day quarantine is mandatory for all those returning home we have been locked in the basement of Derek's family's house in Winnipeg with our only outdoor time being spent in the hot tub or a few over the fence chats with the neighbours (AKA his aunt, uncle, and cousins)!

So much has changed from our daily lives in Vietnam. Relaxing around the pool trying to beat the midday heat changed to keeping 100% submerged in a hot tub while the snow came pounding down! Our window views changed from lush limestone mountains to mountains of snow. Meals went from 15 people feasts to the two of us alone in the basement. The goats and chickens roamed free in the mountains behind our room while here we are kept behind a gate that usually keeps our dog from going into the basement!

Part of our week was spent helping Ian, Derek's dad, with a work project which meant our business meetings were rather strange.  As we couldn't sit around a table, we sat at the bottom of the stairs while Ian sat behind the gate at the top. Luckily there are lots of programs to help view each other's screens but with social distancing everyone's meeting are sure changing. 

Most of our dinners were provided to us from the new service we like to call "Skip the Parents" (after the popular Winnipeg delivery company Skip the Dishes). Food was delivered to the top of the stairs for us to collect when they were a safe distance away. With service like this, we are planning to give a great review to this homestay! 

Finally, we want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! It sure has been different celebrating without big family gatherings and heaping plates of food. Last year during Easter we were lucky enough to have celebrated with what felt like 100 of Jacki's relatives in Sicily. This year it just so happened our last day of quarantine landed on Easter Sunday so we were able to join Derek's parents for dinner. You would have thought we planned it that way!  

We are happy to say that we stayed true to our word and pretty much did not leave our housecoats the entire time. That said we figured we should probably dress up a bit for Easter and donned our best attire... housecoats included!

Next Month

We are not sure how often our updates are going to be coming out in the near future but will try to keep everyone updated with The Roving Route's progress and new content. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for updated photos and videos from our past travels. You are also welcome to head over to our website at for destination guides and/or to read past weekly updates. It is pretty crazy to think that we have sent out almost 30 of these updates in the past year! During the upcoming weeks and months, our South East Asia destination guides will be posted as well as some specific blog posts, tips, and tricks. Make sure to check out the website often to find new content!

Cheers from Winnipeg, 

The Roving Route


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