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So many images spring to mind when you think of the Philippines. From long stretches of fine white sand shaded by rows of palm trees, to swimming in the ocean surrounded by fish, or jumping off a waterfall, the beauty of the country is tough to beat. It doesn't take long on Instagram to see all of the adventures you can have but what it doesn't show are the friendliest people, unique modes of transportation, and the mix between religion and their culture. This you can only experience exploring the markets, talking with the people, and if you're lucky, being invited to a family Lechon feast. Don't forget how diverse the landscapes are. Northern Philippines has centuries-old rice terraces, the west has thousands of islands looking like polka dots in the ocean while the south has some of the best waterfalls in the world. Take your time and explore all that the country has to offer but make sure to get off the world-class beaches and explore the outer areas!

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