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Dumaguete Festival

Each year, a massive festival is held in Dumaguete to celebrate the formation of the city. The charter festival is full of music, food, dancing, and of course people!

The multi-week festival is held each year over the middle weeks of November and culminates on the 24 and 25th with a massive parade. The parade is divided into clubs and organizations to show off what the people of Dumaguete are all about. Everything from the accountants, boy scouts, firefighters, and even the anime club join together to form a several hour parade through the centre of the city. Cheered on by dozens of marching bands, thousands of people in the crowd, and a food market to fill up at after, each group makes its way towards Quezon Park.

The park is host to the main activities during the festival with a massive stage and seating. Each year is different, but the 2019s lineup was great with a dance competition, karaoke, and talent show.

If you are passing through central Phillippines during November it is highly suggested to stop in and check it out! Dumaguete is also a great spot for waterfall hunting!


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