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Bacolod: The Top Foodie City in the Philippines!

Many cities around the world call themselves the top food city. A local delicacy or extensive restaurant scene is usually their pride and joy. While the food scene is not as world-renowned in the Philippines compared to some other SEA countries, Bacolod can hold its own. Not only did it create one of the countries most popular dishes, but it has the restaurant scene to call it top notch.

Chicken Inasal is a marinated chicken that is then barbecued on open charcoals creating a perfectly tender and charred dish. While it has become popular throughout the country, many believe it was created in the city. It is often served with rice and a vinegar- soya sauce mix with fresh chilies and calamansi limes. The city is so in love with its invention that there is even an entire street market dedicated to the tasty dish!

Not far from the street market is Villa Angela Market, a massive outdoor venue with dozens of restaurants. From fresh fish to Cowboy themed restaurants, there is something here for everyone. As Bacolod is not the most popular city, the restaurants serve a huge amount of locals and Filipino tourists keeping the prices at a more reasonable price than other places in the Philippines.

One of our favourite restaurants was Rojo's where we had a massive bowl of Sigsing soup, stuffed clams, and almost a kilo of crab for under 700 PHP. If you are in search of some home food, there is a good steak house and a great burger restaurant as well.

If food is at all your thing, Bacolod is a must! RedDoorz near New Government Center is a great hotel just up the road from everything you would want. Click below to book your stay and save with agoda!


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