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Winter Wonderland in Lake of the Woods

The Adventures of The Roving Route #34

We can't believe the holidays are already here! We want to wish everyone an amazing festive season. Canada has been blanketed by the winter weather it is famous for and LOTW has finally started to feel like a white Christmas is coming!

If you follow us on Instagram you may have seen our tree and decorations already. If you aren't following us, stop everything your doing, click here, follow us, and then return back to continue reading!

After a big storm in August took down some pines on the island, we figured we would put them to good use. Adding some lights and a sprinkle of snow, they look amazing!

Thanks to a free ad on Facebook Marketplace, we are also proud owners of 3 partially working light-up reindeer! We have had all this set up since October and though we may look a bit crazy we just wanted to introduce LOTW to a Filipino tradition we experienced last year. On our roving route, we have always tried to use holidays to learn something about the country and connect with the people. As we can't do that this year, we want to hear from you. Do you have any special holiday traditions that bring happiness to you each year?!

One of the traditions we have adopted over the years is to find an ornament that connects us with each country we visit. Though we didn't expect to fill a tree again for a few years we are happy we have them as decorating the tree floods us with memories of fun times and adventures.

Jacki's Pick Jacki's Pick

Hanoi, Vietnam Sicily, Italy

Painted and bought during the Tet holiday Given by a relative while visiting

my mom's hometown

Derek's Pick Derek's Pick

Tallinn, Estonia Naujaat, Canada

Bought at a Christmas Market Bought from a local craftswoman

To carry on the tradition, this Christmas instead of buying an ornament from Kenora we chose to make one ourselves!

Who knows maybe if you get friends to subscribe to our newsletter you might find an RR ornament in your mailbox ;).

Cheers from festive Lake of the Woods,

The Roving Route


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