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Snow update from LOTW!

The Adventures of The Roving Route #41

It always blows us away how quickly the week flies past. Without even blinking all of January is in our rear-view mirrors and February will likely do the same. This past week was pretty hectic around here so we haven't had as much time to write the newsletter as we had hoped. We didn't want to rush the discussion of Kenora's tourism scene so we will delay that until next week. Until then, here is a throwback to the ice forming around us exactly two months ago! Things have sure changed.

In our newsletter about 'Preparing for Isolation' 2 months ago, we mentioned we had set up a small garden in the front room. We figured we would update everyone on it as people have been asking. The garden was a cool learning experience as the tomatoes almost tripled in height by offering them a support structure! Check out the newsletter to see our makeshift setup. Even though it dipped down to only having 3 hours of sunlight in that room per day, they still grew better than they did outside all summer! The tomato plants had finally reached about 6 feet tall when the small but annoyingly persistent aphids pushed us to finally throw in the towel! They may not all be ripe but at least we were able to harvest about 40 cherry tomatoes on February 1st when it had just dipped down to -40C (with windchill) the week before.

Lastly, we have finished up a few of the creative side projects that surround the snow maze. The first is the "Making of the Maze" timelapse video. We have never done such a long term timelapse project so it was quite fun to see how to incorporate literally tens of thousands of photos into a manageable story.

We have also been trying to reincorporate 360 photography into our skillset again and, although our camera is quite outdated, we have now completed the first stage of the 360 virtual maze so why not check it out! The second stage of the in-person maze is now built so if you love this online version, we may try to capture the second maze to share with you all as well! If you enjoy it, you can always share it directly to Facebook using the share button on the Snow Maze website page. We hope you all enjoy these creative side projects!

Oh ya! We were also on the radio again!


The Roving Route


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