• The Roving Route

Top Day Trips from Kenora, Ontario

Rushing River Provincial Park

Rushing River Provincial Park is just 45 minutes from Kenora and one of the most ideal access points to hundreds of KMs of canoeing routes. When the glaciers that covered much of North America during the last Ice Age started to recede, they scrapped the earth down the bedrock and created the area known as the Canadian Shield. These melting glaciers created rivers that carved the twisted and steep rapids that the Rushing River flows over today. A picnic on the rocks and a quick swim is a perfect way to spend an afternoon! Rushing River Provincial Park is also the gateway to Eagle-Dogtooth Provincial Park which has several of Ontario's best multiday canoe routes and amazing hiking.


North of Kenora and along a particularly nice section of the Winnipeg river is Minaki. The resort town has a few small stores and numerous fishing resorts. Following the river takes you to dozens of lakes and some amazing hiking trails. The area is also famous for its rock and ice climbing so grab a rope, some harnesses, and a friend to belay you and hit the walls!

West Hawk Lake

One of the most unique lakes in an area with thousands of others, West Hawk Lake was formed millions of years ago by a meteor. The almost perfect circular-shaped lake ringed with steep cliffs made it a site of indigenous folklore and habitation. At over 300 feet deep it is the deepest lake in Manitoba and is also the only crater lake in Canada accessible by road! West Hawk has several restaurants and a great beach making it a perfect day trip from Kenora!

Experimental Lakes

The Experimental Lakes area is likely one of the most unique places you can visit. Thanks to its deep pocket marked landscape and limited topsoil, the Canadian Shield has set up the ideal laboratory for full-scale freshwater experiments. With over 50 lakes, each one having almost no drainage into other water systems, scientists can manipulate specific aspects of the environment and test the outcome. Studies on estrogen, agricultural runoff, commercial fish farming, and dozens of others, have resulted in significant changes to public and private policies. You can take day tours of the facility or for the more scientifically inclined, multiday, or multi-week edu-holidays.

Sioux Narrows

About an hour from town is a smaller version of Kenora but with all the same charm. Th