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How you can afford to travel

Tips to make money while travelling

Tips to make money while travelling
Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring 


One of the best ways to earn money while you are on the go is through online tutoring. There are so many companies out there each with their own benefits but after research, we boiled it down to one that is best overall. We both use VIPkid and really enjoy how it is set up. The best aspect of the company is their lack of a mandatory number of hours worked. With no weekly time commitment, we have the freedom to unplug and trek through the mountains or just lay on a beach without worry! It is also not necessary to have a teaching degree though you must have some sort of university degree. While it is not the most lucrative option, it can be a nice way to give you some spending cash when you are out and about. We are happy to help anyone through the interview and set up stages so don't be afraid to reach out! Click here to start the simple process of joining!


Credit Cards

Credit Cards


So much has been written on the effective use of credit cards for their travel perks. It may seem challenging at the start, but it is worth dealing with. Effectively using credit cards is not all about opening as many cards as you can for their signup bonuses. For most of us, choosing one or two cards that suit our lives is more realistic. For those who spend lots of time in airports, maybe a card like the CIBC Aventura Gold with free lounge passes is what you need while others will enjoy the Scotiabank Infinite card's no foreign exchange fee. We love our American Express Marriott Bonvoy card as it not only acts as a hotel rewards card (with great value per point) but as an airline rewards program with over 40 airlines. Not many cards offer this flexibility and the sign up bonus is almost always worth the yearly cost!




This is probably the most stereotypical way that you can make money on the road but it works. There are almost infinite niches to talk about so let your personality lead your way. The biggest word of advice is to go into something that you are genuinely passionate about. Trying to do something that you think will make you money but not interested in, will almost always end in failure. It may seem too much work to get into but with the templates built into Wix, you will have no issues getting yourself set up quick! Its also so inexpensive that why not give it a try and see what happens!

Tips to keep costs down

Tips to keep

costs down

Relocation Deals


We spoke about them already in the Travel Tips and Tricks page but these are one of the best ways to keep your costs down. Transportation is often one of the highest expenses when travelling and relocation deals can offer that are essentially for free! The catch is you have to be really flexible! If your final destination doesn’t matter, or you get lucky with a deal going in the right direction, they can be perfect. Sites like for Motorhomes or for cars are your new best friend.

When a company needs to get a vehicle from one place to another, they rely on regular people like you to move it for them. They offer this service to you for a very low cost or even free as it saves them from employing someone to do the same job! We picked up a car in Brisbane, Australia and dropped it of in Cairns 7 days later for a total cost of $7! They even offered us free pillows and blankets, cooking supplies and other odds and ends to get us started on our journey! Jucy was the best!

Relocation Deals
House Sitting



It’s the setting for more rom-coms then Hollywood would like to admit. You travel to a strange land, live in a locals house while gallivanting around the town and they you see them. The person of your dreams. You lock eyes and the rest is history! While we cant help you meet that special someone, we can help you find that perfect house sitting gig. Our favourite site to use is as they offer some of the most diverse opportunities around the world and are comparatively low priced. While the $120 price tag may seem daunting, just remember you can sit for as long as you want, as often as you want. Why not a month in Tuscany or the winter in the mountains? The choice is yours. 

Work Exchange Portals

WWOFF and Work Exchange Portals


If you are really wanting to set your roots down and get to know some locals, there is nothing better than doing a work exchange. Using search portal like WWOOF or Workaway you can connect with people across the world who are needing a hand around their house or farm in exchange for room and board. This can range anywhere from being an in-house tutor to tending to the garden and can take place on any continent on Earth. WWOFF specializes in organic farming (hence the name) while others such as Workaway are more open. The biggest thing to watch out for is that you do not break any local laws regarding working. There are many posts asking for hotel reception work in exchange for money and while that seems great, it is often against the local law. 

Repositioning cruises


Just like cars, a few times a year cruise ships need to be taken from one area to another for the start of a new season. These cruises are often transatlantic or transpacific with the majority of the time spent at sea. They are not a very popular way to travel so they are often heavily discounted. These cruises shouldn’t be taken by anyone who gets seasick or easily bored. With the majority of the time at sea bring a good book or a hard drive full of photos to edit will help to pass the time. Most cruising websites will have a section dedicated to repositioning cruises but we find that has the best options.

Repositioning cruises

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