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Snow Maze Update II

The following is a Lake of the Woods Snow Maze update:

Hello again,

Thank you everyone for your understanding this past weekend. Luckily mother nature gave us some new building material and the maze has now been repaired. We have added some signs to remind people to stay socially distanced and to not sit or stand on the walls. Anyone is welcome to use the maze again but please allow just one group in the maze at a time to follow Covid-19 guidelines. With the snowbanks getting higher, we would like to remind people to park a little distance from the maze allowing for a safe spot for everyone to walk to and from their cars.

The heavy snow also helped to almost complete a basic second maze. It is not done quite yet so please DO NOT go through it. The walls need a few more days to harden. We like to call it the "wet paint" stage. It may not be nearly as fancy as the first phase but it will at least allow 1 group per maze. This should be opened by the middle of this week.

We can't help but leave you with a friend's quote from wonderful Monica "If we follow the rules, it's still fun and it means something! ...Rules are good! Rules help control the fun!"


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