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Snow Maze Update

The following is a Lake of the Woods Snow Maze update:

We are glad the maze is offering a space for people to get outside and exercise. We can see through all your messages how much enjoyment families are having. However, as a community, it's our responsibility to follow our government's restrictions and recommendations. We want the maze to be used by the public. BUT we must respect one another.

We are in the midst of a global pandemic. By not following the restrictions people are having to work overtime to ensure that our health care system can continue to support us. The maze will not stay open if it could become a source to spread covid-19.

THE MAZE IS CLOSED this weekend to repair some walls that were damaged. We hope to share the maze with everyone again but only if we work together to keep it a socially distanced activity at all times.

When the maze reopens, please respect each other by doing the following:

1) Stay 6 feet apart when waiting, walking, or enjoying the maze 2) 1 household in the maze at a time 3) Masks are recommended at all times 4) Do not sit or stand on the walls 5) Do not let your dog use it as a training facility or bathroom 6) The ice is public, the land around is private, do not trespass

Thank you to those that have been socially distanced and for everyone's kind words. We will keep you updated but remember there will be a virtual option coming soon!


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