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The LOTW Snow Maze Goes Virtual!

Covid-19 may be keeping you at home but that doesn't mean you can't get a taste of the LOTW Snow Maze! After spending weeks creating the snow maze in person, Jacki and Derek have created a 360 virtual version to ensure everyone can experience this temporary attraction. Follow the link below to see if you can find your way out and receive your 2021 LOTW Snow Maze Certificate!

Jacki and Derek have spent the last few years traveling the world connecting with locals and tourists alike. When Covid-19 brought them home, they set out to find adventures in their own backyard. After spending 8 weeks cut off while Lake of the Woods froze around them, they built the LOTW Snow Maze on the ice from the snow that had fallen. This amazing attraction will only last a few months but is enjoyed by many in the Kenora community! They also write a weekly newsletter, destination guides, travel tips and tricks and build websites for companies around the world! Follow them on Instagram and Tiktok @therovingroute to keep updated with their latest content!


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