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'Tis the Season for Kayaking!

The Adventures of The Roving Route #46

It's pretty crazy to look back and realize that we left Vietnam exactly a year ago to the date. A lot has changed but our adventurous spirit has remained! We hinted at our spring plans in our last newsletter but as of late last week, it became official! Isolation 2.0 has started! With the way things are looking, this one is likely shorter than the first but only time will tell! Always living on our toes meant we never really set out with the goal of completing the full year on the island however, as we always look for opportunities, something we have always dreamt of will likely come true. Now that it is only 4 weeks from the day we arrived in LOTW in 2020, the dream is closer than we could have imagined.

Phong Nha, Vietnam Winnipeg, Canada

With the quickly fading ice, we made our last-ditch efforts to complete all the tasks we needed to do with a car and had a few final adventures. Packing the car with some snacks and water, we headed north up a logging road until we found the unmarked trailhead we were looking for. A few minutes up the path and down onto the frozen surface of Forgotten Lake, we eventually made it to the destination point. The frozen wall of water stretches across the cliff face and descends freezing its way into the impenetrable curtain of thick ice. Even though this year has been relatively dry and mild, it was still quite spectacular and made for a nice final outing.

We also knew we had to move our boat from one side of the island to the other as the ice would break up earlier in the season thanks to a fast-moving channel. Though we had a few ideas on the table, dragging it on a broken, undersized trailer that had holes in the tire and no hitch, was the easiest answer. It was an experience, to say the least. We are just lucky that the ice road has very little snow this year (the second-lowest in the last 118 years) as it made for much smoother sailing.

Unlike Isolation 1.0 when we just lifted our boat out of the water and walked back upstairs, this time around, getting onto the island was quite the ordeal. As our last day with the car was Saturday and the ice road closed on Sunday, getting someone to help and drive us back would have been a big ask so it left us with two options. Take a taxi to the landing, then start the 4KM walk back, or the much more fun option of kayaking home! As you should have guessed, we chose option two!