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Things To Do in Kenora during the Winter

While most tourism to Sunset Country and Kenora is focused on the summer, a visit in the winter is not to be overlooked. Grab your parka and a toque and check out the top things to do during the winter around Kenora!

Catch Yourself a Keeper!

The world-class fishing that makes this place famous doesn't stop because the lake freezes over. Get out onto the ice and drill yourself a hole and try your hand at ice fishing. If it's your first time, we highly suggest renting a guide or an ice hut like the ones North West Outfitters offers. Before hitting the ice, head to MNRF to get your fishing license whether you are wanting to keep any fish or not!

Hit the Slopes or the Open Country!

With access to one of the largest lakes in Canada and thousands of square KM's of hardly touched forests, Kenora and LOTW is a great spot to try cross country skiing. The mix of flatlands, lots of snow, and the occasional light hill make for some compelling cross-country skiing! If speed is more your thing, you can always check out Mount Evergreen. While it may only have 11 runs and just a few hundred feet of vertical drop, the ski hill is the largest in the area. It also offers Snowtubing when your feet get a bit too cramped in those boots.

Get your Motor Rolling!

The hundreds of acres of terrain that the frozen lake creates are perfect for snowmobiling. Add on awesome trails that take you through the city (literally right past a Canadian Tire and Tim Hortons) and you have a great Snowmobiling destination. It doesn't matter if it's your first ride, or your hundredth, you will find a trail at your level!

Try Out a Brand New Sport!

One of the newest but fastest growing sports, Crokicurl mixes two famous Canadian pastimes- curling and crokinole. Another Canadian invention, crokinole was invented about 150 years ago and is basically a circular board with a ring of pegs halfway through the circle. Using small stones, you try and land your stone into a centre depression. Crokicurl is basically this, but 100 times larger and played on ice with curling stones. Anishinaabe Park has an open crokicurl board that you are welcome to check out!

Get a Breath of Fresh Air!

Just because the snow has settled on the ground doesn’t mean that hiking is out of the picture. Most of the best trails are still open and just as beautiful in the winter as they are in the other seasons. The Vernon Nature Trails are some of our favourites and are even better if you have snowshoes!

Be Part of the Community!

In the communities around Kenora and Kenora itself, there are annual winter carnivals that are a mix between a winter festival and sporting competitions. Depending on the year you have anything from winter Canoe races, costume competitions, and snow sculptures. Check out the Events Calendar to get an idea of what weekends they are happening in each community.

Forgotten Lake

For something special, check out Forgotten Lake and its frozen waterfall. Just a short drive north of Kenora is a 30-foot cliff that freezes over creating an amazing frozen wall of water several feet thick! The short 1.5KM hike starts at the edge of a logging road and has no true markers so make sure you know exactly where to go before venturing out for the day. As the trail eventually leads you out onto the ice for a 10-minute walk make sure to only do this trail in the heart of winter and when ice conditions are good.


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